Daromaba House, Clemo Road
Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3XA

Tel: 01579 343767
Email: enquiries@bumblesdaynursery.co.uk


It is our policy that a child suffering with an infectious illness is not permitted to attend Bumbles. If you are unsure if your child's illness is infectious, please ask. If we are unsure we will follow the guidance of the local health authority.

If your child becomes unwell whilst at Bumbles we will ensure they are well cared for and comforted, but we will contact you and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible.

If your child should need medication whilst in our care, you will need to complete a detailed form with your signed permission before we can admisnister. You will also be required to sign the form again on collection of your child, to acknowledge that we have given the medicine and at what time.

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