Daromaba House, Clemo Road
Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3XA

Tel: 01579 343767
Email: enquiries@bumblesdaynursery.co.uk

The Teeny Tweeny Room

Teeny Tweenies

The Teeny Tweeny Room is for children aged approximately fifteen months to two years. The Routine is similar to the baby room but with a little more structure. They will participate in various activities and also start to spend some time with the tweeny room children and staff.

This should make their transition into the tweeny room very smooth. Detailed learning journeys are completed on the children and are available for you to see.

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Introducing The Staff

Emma Mitchell is the room supervisor and is completing her level 3 qualification. Emma has been at Bumbles for a few years now and has a family of her own.

Emma is supported by Emily Dinnis, Marilyn Hudson and Hannah Enever. Working together, they all aim to give the children opportunities to explore and develop in a rich learning enviroment.